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How Much Do You Want to INCREASE Your Score?

SAT Test Prep


The average Ivy League student scored between 1468-1564 on the SAT. Admissions are becoming more and more overpopulated every year—the fastest way for colleges to sort through applicants are exam scores. A fatal misconception is that the SAT is a test of Mathematics and English, when rather, it is a measure of SAT-tailored knowledge. We'll give you an unfair competitive advantage to systematically approach these problems exactly how the College Board intended and develop a tried and true test-taking mindset.

Taking an Exam
Reviewing Essay

Finding Your Spike

Essay Writing 

The most surefire way to impact an admissions officer is through your personal and supplemental essay. These essays reflect the applicant as a human being rather than a statistic; at Ivy League Counseling, we ensure that students are not reduced to stereotypes but rather distinctive stories, ambitious goals, and genuine passions, so colleges see their true selves. We will take you step by step through the essay writing process—for both the personal statement and supplementals—to build a compelling narrative that highlights your unique spike, no matter your background.

College Campus_edited.jpg

Talk With Us

Coffee Chats

Many students head into college without a clue for what to expect their first day on campus. This does not have to be the case. Let us tell you exactly how it is from first hand experience. We are not tour guides; everything we say is honest and uninfluenced. In your coffee chat, ask us anything about college and receive the most relevant insight from current-enrolled students, all completely for free.

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