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For The First Time, We Are Opening Our Doors To The Public

Ivy League Counseling is the North East's leading college SAT/ACT prep and essay editing service run 100% by Ivy League students for future Ivy League students. 

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For the past two years, Ivy League Counseling has remained private through our gated telegram groups as requested by VIP family clientele. With absolutely zero advertising, it was only through word-of-mouth that we began to get flooded with more public requests. For this reason, we will be capping our capacity of students at 200 spots. 

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Your Success Is Our Success

Why Ivy League Counseling

The field of College applications is an entirely new ball game. GONE ARE THE DAYS OF MERELY GETTING GOOD GRADES TO GET INTO COLLEGE. Now, this is just the required foundation that top-tier colleges expect of you. They are looking for students who have gone above and beyond. Top Colleges want to know how you made an Impact in the world. Ivy League Counseling works with students not only to be best positioned for getting accepted, but we will also help develop students' passions & interests to stand out through the admissions process authentically. As a boutique firm, we will always value QUALITY over QUANTITY, as we never want to over-extend ourselves, which is actually how we're able to deliver our results.

Gain Admission to Your Top College

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know what it's like. Each of us have been through the admissions process at Ivy League schools. Our staff is passionate about providing students with the tools they need to make their dreams a reality and with our insider expertise, we are able to help students navigate the admissions landscape and stand out from the competition.

Ivy League Counseling Peers

Procrastination Is the Thief of Time. Are You Able to Overcome It?

Have Questions?

Talk directly with our leadership. We'll chart your course one-on-one to ensure you reach your greatest potential.

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